Have you been thinking about installing a wet room in your home? Scroll down to learn more about the advantages, disadvantages, our expert design tips, and important practical pointers.

Throw the bath out with the bathwater!

With our busy modern lifestyles, unfortunatley many of us simply do not have the time for frequent long soaks in the bathtub. So why not make the most of your bathroom and turn it into a modern wet room. Remove the bath and you are left with more room for a top-of-the-range, luxurious, spacious wetroom.

Improved accessibility

A wet room is a must have for anyone with mobility issues. From the elderly to the disabled, wet rooms can add an element of independence to daily routines.

Easy to clean

The lack of shower enclousure and tray means that wet rooms are generally easy to clean. The floor-to-ceiling tiles are hygienic and low maintenance. The whole room can be easily disinfected helping to keep mould and germs at bay.

Added value

A wet room is a simple way to add value to your house. Whatever your style preference and your budget, there is an extensive range to choose from. Gone are the days when wet rooms were installed purely for utilitarian purposes, they are now considered a contemporary and super stylish bathroom alternative.

They are also the perfect option for those of you who are trying to achieve that minimalist, open-plan look throughout your home.

What about the spray?

If your wet room is particularly tiny, you run the risk of spray from the shower water. With small spaces, a glass shower screen may be necessary to prevent unwanted water spray.

It’s also an idea to raise the level of the bathroom door threshold in case the shower drain ever becomes blocked.

Our tile tips!

The whole wet room must be tiled from floor to ceiling. Our advice is to avoid porous stone tiles, such as marble, slate and limestone. These would require regular resealing which is time-consuming and can prove expensive. Non-porous ceramic or porcelain tiles work well in wet rooms. Tiles of a rating of R9 or higher are considered slip resistant and are the safest option in any wet room. 

But remember, most people still like the idea of the traditional bathroom so getting rid of all the baths in your home could make your property less appealing to potential buyers. Consider the demographic in your area, and keep in mind what they will be looking for in a home if you think you might be selling up in the future.

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