What Are Large Format Tiles?

The flooring world is, without a doubt, seeing a new wave of materials and finishes for floors and those of you who are interested in the world of interior design will surely have come across the flooring trend that is large format tiles.The porcelain tile market has been slowly making a clear move to larger format tiles and long gone are the days when a 30cm tile was considered a daring choice.

What Are Large Format Tiles?

So How large is large?

Well the term large format is typically applied to a tile with dimensions exceeding 60cm x 60cm and it is no longer uncommon to see 80, 90 or 120cm tiles and sales of these sizes are up year after year.

Where can large format tiles be used?

Large format tiles can be laid on floors in your kitchen, hall or bathrooms. The misconception of people to that if they put a small tile in a small room it makes it look big, this is not the case as more and more people are using tiles of 75cm and upwards throughout the downstairs of their home to give that sense of continuity and flow from front door to back door, which in turn appears to make the space even bigger .

Large Format Tiles at Tilehaven

What styles do large format tiles come it?

Large format tiles come in a wide verity of styles from concrete and marble to stone and high polish porcelain. They are a superb alternative for people who are after that concrete look for their room but who still want the superior performance of real porcelain tiles. Basically, large format tiles are available in any style and colour that regular tiles come in.

Why buy large format floor tiles?

Using a large format tile has numerous benefits. Some of the most common advantages are ease of maintenance. For the most part it is much easier to clean the tile itself than it is to clean the grout, so if you consider just how much less grout is used with large format tiles. Another reason that makes this flooring style so popular is room size perception, meaning they make the room in which it is installed appear larger due to the fact there are less grout lines, and who doesn’t want larger room?

Large Format Tiles in Cork

Final thoughts

Large format tiles have become more than just a fad, they are fast becoming a common sight in many homes and the final look achieved with these amazing tiles is modern, bold and stunning.

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