We asked our expert team at TileHaven to give us their top tips for anyone building or renovating their home. Based on the most common mistakes that they see people making, the regrets and ‘what if’s’ that they hear about afterward, you will find some useful advice and tips below to help you with your new project.

5. Wood Effect Tiles.  A relatively unknown but great choice of flooring is wood effect tiles. These days, thanks to modern technology wood effect tiles look unbelievably realistic and very similar to real wood. Wood effect tiles are much more practical than real wood for various reasons such as; they are waterproof and will not warp if you have a flood making them ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms & utility rooms or anywhere there is a risk of a water leak. They are also scratch proof, won’t fade and are very easy to clean and maintain!

4. Glazed VS Porcelain, Know The Difference.  Very few people know that polished porcelain tiles need to be sealed once a year (ideally), and in contrast, glazed porcelain tiles are pretty much maintenance free (apart from general cleaning) Be aware of that fact when shopping for tiles as some less experienced salespeople won’t tell you this, most lightly because they haven’t received proper training and don’t know it themselves.

3. Give Your Kitchen The Most Time/Attention.  The kitchen will be the most expensive room to design and create. With this in mind, we encourage our customers to spend the most time planning this room. Consider the different options available, such as wood effect tiles mentioned above. If your kitchen leads to an outdoor space explore the option of having the outdoor area tiled with the same tiles as the indoors except with an anti-slip finish, this will help to create an extra large living space. Bring a sample of your kitchen worktop into our tile showroom so we can find the perfect tiles to match, and always take a sample home to see how it looks in your home’s natural light.

2. Underfloor Heating Is Perfect for Tiles.  Tiles are incredibly popular in combination with underfloor heating due to to the fact that conduct heat very well making them nice and cozy to walk around on those cold winter days we have in Ireland. Also, tiles are much more practical than wooden flooring because they will not warp, squeak or get damaged if you have any leak or breakage from water or heating pipes.

1. Use The Same Tiles From the Front Door to the Back Door. We often suggest laying the same tile from the front door, right through to the back door. This will give your home a sense of continuity and creates a natural flow as well as make your living space appear much larger than it actually is. This is an extremely popular option with our customers and using a tile with a rectified edge it can create a space that gives an instant WOW factor.

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