Is your floor an insurance risk?

In 2011 Costa Coffee was fined 7.5 million dollars after a customer slipped on their floor and made a claim against this coffee giant. This is just one of countless cases involving falls in commercial properties which are brought before the courts every year.

So how can you prevent this happening

The rise in rent prices, insurance premiums and general utility costs are already making life difficult for Irish business owners. But a slip injury claim would be a devastating financial blow to any business and in some cases could herald the end of a company, not to mention the bad publicity that comes with an accident of this nature. Thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom because you can safeguard your premises against this by choosing the correct and most suitable flooring. The majority of these claims might have been avoided if appropriate flooring had been installed in the properties in question.

Not all tiles are made equal

The majority of commercial buildings boast tiled floors but not all tiles offer the same degree of protection in terms of slip resistance. A graded rating system, known as R rating, is used to determine the level of slip resistance of each tile type. An R rating of R9 or higher is considered slip resistant; anything less is simply a dangerous hazard in any commercial property, for both customers and employees alike.

Although technically R9 is regarded as slip resistant, more and more companies are insisting on fitting the floors of their commercial properties with tiles of at least an R11 rating. The risk of a claim is just too high to leave anything to chance and so many business owners opt to have their floors tested with a pendulum test. This determines precisely the surface slip rating of your floor.

Safety can still look good!

While safety is always the top priority for every firm, the interior aesthetics within the company’s buildings are obviously not something any business wants to neglect. The good news is that TileHaven have a wide range of slip-resistant tiles with R ratings of R9 and higher which come in a whole host of colours, designs and effects. Speak to one of our friendly experts in store before you make a decision for your business that could be the wrong one!

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