5 Essential Pre-Build Tiling Tips

1. Order more tiles than you need

When it comes to tiling your new home, it is highly recommended that when buying tiles, you purchase more than you need. Why? Well, there are two reasons this is a smart move. Firstly, in case any tiles brake during the build/installation (let’s hope not!). And secondly, it is likely that the tiles you choose will not be in production forever and if for whatever reason, a tile in your home gets cracked or badly chipped, you will need a couple of these spares to use as replacements.

2. Glazed vs Polished

Many of us don’t realise that there is a major difference between these two tile finishes. Visually they appear very similar and price-wise there isn’t much of a difference. However, the key factor distinguishing these two tile finishes is that polished porcelain (ideally) needs to be sealed once a year, and in contrast, glazed tiles are maintenance free. When we say maintenance free, of course, we are not suggesting that glazed tiles don’t need to be cleaned regularly but they do not require annual sealing – a very handy thing to know before you start picking out your perfect tiles!

3. Give your kitchen the most attention

99% of the time, in a new house, the kitchen will be the most expensive room to design and create. With this in mind, we encourage our customers to spend the greatest amount of time planning this room. If possible you should always bring a sample of your kitchen worktop into our tile showroom so we can find the perfect matching tiles.

We recommend, under no circumstances, should you buy tiles before bringing a sample back to your kitchen so that you can see it in the environment it will be laid in. Lighting has an effect on how the colour of the tile will appear, so it is important to see it in your homes specific lighting conditions before purchasing.

4. Underfloor heating & Tiles

a match made in heaven

More and more people are opting for underfloor heating in their new builds.
There are so many benefits to underfloor heating: energy efficiency, low maintenance, no cleaning of rads and they make a room more visually appealing.
With this in mind, it should be remembered that tiles are the best flooring material for conducting heat.

Wood effect tiles are hugely popular in combination with underfloor heating because of the fact that they are much less maintenance and much more durable than real wood.

5. Run the same tile from the front door to the back

When building a new home, it is advisable to lay the same tile in the front hall, continue it on through the kitchen and into the back hall to meet the back door. This method creates continuity and a natural flow through while giving your home a much bigger feel that is instantly noticeable upon entering the house.

If you have any questions or need any advice please get in touch, we are always happy to help.

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